The Dark Flight Down: A Book Review

18260800_1457101787644579_606340947_oBy: Marcus Sedgwick

Dolphin Paperbacks 2005, Reviewed by: Aleli Bianca Dalit

The Synopsis

      Boy who lives with the magician Valerian seek to find his true identity by finding what really happened to some people in the City. The book which he think is the key to everything he needed to know kept by Kepler whom he seemed to be his father’s friend, Valerian, will be the start of unlocking secrets and hilarious revelations.

      In finding this book, Boy will then be caught and brought to the Palace where there live the Emperor Frederick who is frustrated of not having a succesor  and his right hand Maxim who will also be needing this book for the emperor will be immortal and lead the empire forever.

       As Willow, Boy’s love whom he promise to be with after the book, discovered Boy was missing, decided to go to Kepler’s place and they will both save Boy.


The Review

        The Dark Flight Down by Marcus Sedgwick, is a magical story that made the readers also seek for the true identity of the main character Boy.

         The author is very particular in describing of the places of the story including what color, what design and even the smell of the place. As you read the book you can really feel like you are also in the story. The characters of the story has different identity to reveal in the end. Each of the characters has his own motive of why he acts like that.

         At the end of the story, Boy will choose his previous life than being the emperor since Willow upon seeing the book will tell him that he is the son of Emperor Frederick. I think for me, I have no negative feedback to this novel since I really admire the author of the twist and ending of the story especially when Boy told Willow that he will choose being poor than being a rich emperor but live in that madhouse with lunatic people.

        Part of analysing the story, I think Maxim’s character should have been discussed further of what really happened to him after the commotion in the palace.

         I think the moral character of the story here is that we only live once, no matter how powerful and wealthy we are we cannot buy life. What we need to focus is to value life, and value what we have right now. In the story, Emperor Frederick wished to be immortal, so he made any way just to get what he want, but if he focused of being a good emperor in his years and not on seeking for his immortality maybe there will be change in his life and he will be happy. Same in true life, if we keep on focusing to things we don’t have, we will just waste our time not knowing that we are already old and cannot do what we should have done when we were young.

          Upon reading this novel, I really enjoyed this and learned some skills of writing a magical story. The twist and mysterious attitude of the characters make the story awesome. For readers who want a light story but thrilling and full of mystery, this is highly recommended.